More Inflammatory Racial Comments…

It is always worth taking time to look back through some of Jens Soering’s numerous handwritten letters. What they reveal, among many things, are examples of racial prejudice and extreme language of a kind commonly found among those on the far right of the political spectrum. More specifically, he once again portrays black people as a type of sub-human species – as Untermenschen, one might dare to suggest:

Prison is so silly, especially the incredibly obnoxious blacks. Sometimes I wish my former KKK acquaintance and classmate Lance[?] P would sort out some of these shmucks, they are just as bad as in the States. Keep the best for the zoos and send the rest back to the bloody jungle – except that I’ve had too many black friends in my life! Exceptions always muddy thinking.”

The relevant passage from this letter of 28 May 1986 is shown in his own writing below.

People may also care to reflect on his sincerity when they look at the picture of the late Bob Marley posted for Soering on his Facebook and Instagram pages:

Jens Soering - Bob Marley - Capture

But then perhaps Marley qualified as one of the “exceptions”?

The inner circle of supporters have long had access to these letters but remain silent, naturally wishing to project a very different image of Jens Soering to the world. There is no such reticence here on this site.


Soering's racist comments (letter of 28-5-86 (1280 x 136)