A Lesson in Propaganda and Moral Corruption

In the end it felt more like waiting for Godot. Nevertheless, the plan finally worked, even if only to an extent. The Virginia Parole Board has therefore given in to the relentless noise, propaganda and moral corruption of the Soering campaign by voting to release him, along with Elizabeth Haysom. Anything for a quiet life, it would seem. Whatever the crime, for a perpetrator to serve no longer than an accessory is a completely novel concept in the workings of criminal justice. The message it sends to the world is stark and unprincipled, but his pardon petition has rightly been refused by the Governor and he will leave prison as the double murderer he is, which is important and just as it should be.

However, much remains to be said. The evidence against him hasn’t suddenly disappeared and will continue to be examined here over the coming weeks exactly as planned, perhaps with a final review in due course.



Today the Parole Board has made an unfavorable recommendation to the Governor for Jens Soering’s request for an absolute pardon. The years-long exhaustive investigation for a genuine search for the truth revealed that Jens Soering’s claims of innocence are without merit.

The Parole Board has determined that releasing Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom to their ICE deportation detainers is appropriate based on their youth at the time of the offenses, institutional adjustment and their length of incarceration.

They are both now in their mid-50’s and have served over 33 years for the horrific crimes that they committed. Their release and permanent expulsion from the United States is a tremendous cost benefit to the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Virginia and we have determined that their release does not pose a risk to public safety.

Sheriff Mike Brown and Major Ricky Gardner of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department and the Bedford County Commonwealth’s Attorney Wes Nance have at all times demonstrated professionalism and we are grateful for their transparency during this lengthy investigation.”