Now Markus Lanz and ZDF Assume the Role of Soering Propagandists

Much has happened since the last post on this site, a good deal of it behind the scenes, quietly and privately. But just like publication of the Wright Report, some things are better held back, and for months if necessary, making the eventual shock even more unpalatable to Jens Soering and all those who very publicly lie and demean themselves in the service of a murderer.

Nevertheless, regular readers here are long overdue an update, especially those from around the world who don’t speak German, for Germany is now where the action has moved to, inevitably. Fortunately, this site has gathered many German-speaking friends since its inception, people generously willing to assist those of us who are more limited Anglophones. For the most part, they deeply resent having their country’s well-deserved good name besmirched by Soering and his ever-diminishing band of acolytes.

Time permitting, a more wide-ranging update will follow in the near future, albeit one which will observe a certain reticence and discretion. Today’s short post really only has one aim, and that is to direct readers’ attention to a new post by the admirable Andrew Hammel on his own site. That’s not remotely to suggest that he needs it (he doesn’t) or that he asked for it (he didn’t).

The point is that Hammel has written an excoriating review of a very recent broadcast on German television featuring an interview with Jens Soering. It naturally follows that this event will probably have passed without notice for most English speakers, but it really shouldn’t.

On 14 May Soering appeared on the Markus Lanz show on the ZDF network and was once again given the opportunity to make his fraudulent claims of innocence without challenge, without being asked a single hard question, without reference to the facts, the evidence, or the unassailable Wright Report. This was pure propaganda on a scale not seen in Germany for very many years – or at least not since Vetter and Steinberger’s disgraceful Killing for Love – and it similarly shames everyone associated with it.

We are extremely fortunate that Hammel is on hand to monitor these things, and even more fortunate that he speaks fluent German and is therefore able to inform English speakers in some detail of what was said during the broadcast. His post is written in English but features several clips from the show in German, to which he has added enormously helpful subtitles. It is highly recommended.

On a closely related subject, it is well worth noting, for the benefit of any readers who might have missed it, that Andrew Hammel also published a long and typically excellent article about the case in the online Quillette magazine on 8 March 2020. Naturally it too deserves the widest possible readership.

* * *